Michael Tyack

Circulus, The University and beyond

4 thoughts on “Hello my lovelies, my website begins

  1. Good work on getting a website up Michael. It’s only recently that I’ve come to Circulus, and I’ve only got The Lick On The Tip of An Envelope Yet to Be Sent, and Clocks Are Like People, but I love them, particularly The Lick. I do believe that there are many things around us that we no longer see, and as time passes, we move yet further away from them, and they from us and our own identities as English, Welsh, Irish, or in my case Scottish. These things -our cultural self definition, should be reclaimed and preserved. I’m not entirely sure what drew me to your music, but I saw a review of The Lick… when it came out. As I remember, it ranged from bewildered to a bit negative, but the bit tthat caught my attention was that the reviewer was incredulous that the best reference point he (or maybe she) could find for an album in this day and age was The Incredible String Band, whom, as a Fairport fan, I’d been contemplating for years, only held back by ) the idea that it might be “going a bit far with this kind of malarkey” and b) “for a punk rock to Royal Trux and Sonic Youth kind of guy, what is going on in your mind Chas?” Still, after taking the plunge and ending up with several Increds albums, I was that bit closer to Circulus. Eventually (it took literally years) I warily hit some buttons and, waiting for them to arrive, I suddenly found myself absolutely desperate to hear you, which I didn’t expect to happen at all. I’m so glad I got over myself. I’m ready now, to press more buttons, and try to find more Circulus cds on Amazon, or anywhere else, for that matter. I’m interested in the mediaeval period as well, although my knowledge is scant, and have a deep antipathy to the Normans for having spoiled a good deal of our native culture, even as far North as my own Scotland. Don’t even start me on the Romans! I’m all for Scottish Independence, but not because of any problems with English PEOPLE, especially those who have strongly held ideas about the culture which has been lost, and have somehow unlocked the doors which must be somewhere in every English person. My antipathy is directed at a government which cares about nobody at all, and unlike the English people, we have at least a chance to get away from them. I don’t know how you feel about that, but I’d be interested in your views, not just about Scottish Independence – I’m not obsessed or anything – just about the various endangered cultures in our nations. Also – your music’s pretty damned good! All the best to you, and to Circulus. Chas Crole.


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